MediaVue-sureVue D4 Media Player Digital Signage


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1 in stock

Quick Overview

– Fully integrated system
– Made in the USA
– Custom designed Windows Embedded operating system
– Highly efficient Phanlanx Thermal Defense
– Designed and tested to run under sustained maximum loads

Digital signage creates unique demands on hardware performance and reliability.
System hardware must be able to cope with rendering complex, high-resolution graphics up to 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Harsh environments – increased dirt, grease and heat – can easily decrease component life cycles if not dealt with properly. Digital signage media players must be completely stable and secure. There is rarely anyone there to press “restart” if something goes wrong.

The SureVue D4 is the only compact digital signage media player that can drive full-featured digital signage content – multiple videos, crawls, and feeds – to four simultaneous video outputs each running at 1080p without any video tearing.

The four video outputs can operate as independent channels or they can be combined to create a single large surface (SLS) up to 7,680 pixels wide without the use of any external video signal splitters or scalers. The SureVue D4 delivers all of this performance at a lower cost per screen than a simple Atom-based PC making it perfect for restaurant digital menu boards.

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